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Holiday inspiration

Searching for the perfect destination for your vacation, but having some problem finding the right campsite? To ease your search Rent-a-Tent has made a selection of various popular themes to help you find the ideal camping or glamping vacation!

zwembad met glijbanen camping terme catez

Beautiful aquaparks

Searching for campings with the biggest waterparks that Europe has to offer?

Look no further, Rent-a-Tent has made a selection of campsites with amazing pools, waterslides, aquaparks and so much more!


Top 10: Holiday with teenagers

Finding the perfect vacation destination can be difficult whilst traveling with teenagers. Rent-a-Tent has made a selection of top campsites specifically fitted for a holiday with teenagers.

Plenty of facilities and other kids of their age for them to enjoy. Because when the children are happy, the adults will be too!

Familie op strand Serignan Plage

Beach holidays

Waking up to the sound of the ocean, the smell of the sea and a vast beach as far as the eye can see, what would be better than that?

Rent-a-Tent has listed a selection of beautiful campsites located right on a beach!

Camping Chateau de Martragny kasteel

Castle campsites in France

A castle campsite gives an added historic or fairy-tale touch to your camping holiday. Enjoy the view of a beautiful castle while swimming in the pool or taking part in sports activities.

Meer van Bled

Rural, Intimate, and Beautiful Campsites

From France and Italy to Slovenia and Germany: Rent-a-Tent has selected the most beautiful and charming campsites in Europe!

Stacaravan Mango Premium Bella Italia

Holidays in a mobile home

Camping is the perfect way to enjoy your hard earned vacation! But what if you enjoy a bit more comfort? Then you are in luck, Rent-a-Tent offers its luxurious mobilhomes on some of Europe's best campsites.

All mobilhomes are fitted with a spacious terrace, a bathroom including a shower and a fully furnished kitchen!

Safaritent Almond


Currently the hottest trend out there; Glamping! Enjoy a wonderful camping experience with all the comfort of your own home.

Rent-a-Tent has made a selection of campsites with beautiful glamping accommodations. Large Lodge tents and Safari tents and even tents with sanitary!

Domaine de Chalain aan Lac du Chalain

Campsites at a lake

Enjoy a wonderful vacation on the banks of the most beautiful lakes of Europe. From France and Italy to Slovenia and The Netherlands!

These campsites are situated amongst beautiful nature, providing an ideal destination for a camping vacation. Sun, water and nature! What would be better?

Zwembad met glijbaan achtergrond la Sirene

The 5-star campsites of Europe

Searching for the very best campsites in Europe? The best facilities, biggest waterparks and largest waterslides? Well, then you are in luck!

Rent-a-Tent has listed a selection of 5-star campsites for an amazing camping holiday!

kids aquadelta

Family holiday?

On vacation with the entire family, how delightful! Rent-a-Tent has made a selection of campsites with accommodations fitted for up 7 or 8 people.

Traveling with more than 8 people? Book two accommodations and receive a 5% group discount per accommodation and a free preference!

Op vakantie met het vliegtuig

Campsites close to airports

Fancy leaving the car at home? Enjoy a car free holiday! Avoid the traffic jams and the long drives and take flight!

Rent-a-Tent has made a large selection of campsites close to airports. Perfect for a short vacation or for a vacation far from home!

Camping Vestar Hond

Holiday with a pet

What would be better than a vacation with man's best friend? Not much right?

Rent-a-Tent has made a selection of campings where dogs and other pets are allowed to come with!

Tropisch zwembad Serignan Plage

First-class campsites; Yelloh! Village

Searching for a camping in a beautiful environment whilst expecting luxury and top-notch facilities? Look no further then the Yelloh! Village campings, Europe's finest open-air hotels!

Enjoy the true holiday experience on wonderful campsites all accredited with the "Qualité Tourisme" label!

vakantie met gezin met baby

Top 10: Child friendly holidays

Traveling through Europe with babies or toddlers and looking for the perfect destination?

Rent-a-Tent has made a selection of campsites especially fitted for these little rascals. Plenty of campsites with playgrounds, kitty pools and even children's farm!

hum coatia smallest town in the world

Top 10: Small town gems in Europe

Getting tired of the crowds, lines and swarming cities? Holidays are meant to recharge! So get off that beaten path and take the family on an unforgettable adventure!

Discover ancient architectures, museums and cozy terraces. It is the little things that mater of course!

Groningen stadspark

Campsites near a town or village

Looking for a car free vacation? Well, then these campsites are perfect for you! Rent-a-Tent has made a selection of campsites located on walking distance from towns and villages.

So leave that pesky car at home!